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Advanced Training

Advanced level training offers riders the opportunity to take their existing riding skills to a higher level.   Advanced riding lessons focus intensely on how the rider affects the horse's movements and builds abilities in collection, upper-level dressage movements, and more advanced jumping techniques in grids, courses, and cross-country.  These lessons require a high degree of body control, exquisite balance, and depth of understanding in how the horse‚Äôs body works.  Because of that, only students who are riding multiple times/week will reach advanced levels.


Advanced Riders and Horses can plan to be taking lessons that will prepare them better to ride at the USEA Levels of:

  • Training
  • Preliminary
  • Intermediate


Riders who specifically want to ride Dressage will be taking lessons at the USDF levels of:

  • Fourth Level
  • Prix St. Georges
  • Intermediare
  • Grand Prix


Autumn Rae recommends the following books for advanced riders at Scattered Acres.