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Scattered Acres Sport Horses

Autumn Rae

Autumn rode her first horse before she was a year old in a front-pack that her mother wore, and hasn't stopped riding since.   When she was six years old, Autumn began taking riding lessons with natural horsemanship guru Durlene Meck.  As she progressed in skill levels, she was given the challenge of training an "unmanageable" pony that Durlene had bought from a slaughterhouse. If she could tame it, the horse would become hers. This is when Autumn fell in love with training horses and found that communicating with them came naturally to her.


Autumn has continued her equine education and in 2003 became the founder and president of Scattered Acres Sport Horses, LLC.   She has international riding experience and continues to train, compete and coach avidly throughout the year.

Autumn has trained with many excellent coaches and riders including Kim Severson, Craig Thompson, Wendy Shaffer, Eric Horgan, Phyllis Dawson, Sharon White, Allison Springer, Bob Orton, and Linda Zang.  She is currently training with Jimmy Wofford (stadium), Jan Byyny (XC & stadium), and Britta Johnston(dressage).


Autumn also holds a dual degree in Experiential Education and Conservation Biology from George Mason University. She has a rich background leading outdoor education trips and coaching people to push themselves towards reaching their goals, empowerment, service, and working as a team.  She has facilitated the personal growth of many students through adventure activities such as backpacking, rock-climbing, kayaking, and wilderness survival all over the U.S. and abroad.  Since she started Scattered Acres Sport Horses, she has been applying her training in experiential education to riding instruction and coaching.


Autumn has trained hundreds of horses from in-hand work and saddle breaking through FEI levels in eventing and dressage. Likewise, she has coached hundreds of students from beginning riders through Preliminary eventing and Intermediate I in dressage.


Autumn is highly educated, skilled, focused on, and excited about helping students to reach their personal goals and about training horses to become athletes and willing partners.  Her experience and education includes, but is not limited to:


  • Founder and President of Scattered Acres Sport Horses LLC.
  • Vice President and co-founder of HorsePower Equine Assisted Learning foundation
  • Apprenticeship in Germany with Falk Shubert studying dressage
  • Multiple USEA Year End High-Point Awards for her students, her horses and herself
  • Successful competition through FEI levels on self-trained horses
  • International equine import experience


Autumn is an active, competing member of the USEA, USEF and USDF.

Employee Biographies

Lisa Hannan Lisa has been riding since she was 12 and started competing soon afterwards. She has been with Autumn and Scattered Acres since 2005 when she answered an ad Autumn posted on Virginia Equestrian. She serves as the Barn Manager responsible for all aspects of farm maintenance and equine care. Lisa not only manages the barn and all horse care, but she also competes. Lisa won the 2012 USEA Adult Rider of the Year and Adult Amateur Rider of the Year. As Barn Manager, Lisa is charged with the health and safety of each horse. The care and attention that she places into the upkeep of each horse is meticulous. No scrape, bruise or injury no matter how mild goes unnoticed. She is the perfect match to Autumn's training capabilities as well as being an integral part of the business management team. 
Lisa own 8 horses, 5 of which are stabled at Scattered Acres.

Rachel Strein-Piedra


Rachel has been an avid rider for 22 years, starting at age 11 in upstate NY.  In college, Rachel studied Equine management, and competed with every available equestrian team including the Intercollegiate Equestrian team, Drill Team, and Dressage Team for Wilson College and Georgetown University's Polo Team.  In 2001 and 2002, Rachel taught beginner and intermediate riding at Rock Creek Park Equestrian Center, specializing in helping children overcome any fears of riding.  Despite her professional career taking priority for several years, she still managed to find ways to ride, and learn whatever she could from the horses she had available.  This approach lead her to riding racehorses in Zimbabwe, attending (and learning to shoot at) cowboy mounted shooting camp in New Mexico, herding cattle in Missouri and Montana, and conditioning endurance horses.


After a brief pause from riding to focus on her professional life, Rachel started training with Autumn in 2011.  Since then, she has balanced a full-time management career with her riding.  She employs the skills she learned in her career in mentoring, training, and teamwork, as well as her constant pursuit of excellence in Eventing to support the growth of young students and students young at heart. Rachel is keenly aware of nuance and the impact that subtle changes can make in the communication between horse and rider. She is an encouraging instructor who actively engages students in lessons and seeks to motivate all riders to believe in themselves and their ability to advance.


 A  dedicated student of Autumn's for 6 years, she trains and competes Joey, a quirky ex-racehorse, in recognized horse trials in the region.  She and Joey recently placed 10th in Novice at the American Eventing Championships in September, which was awesome!



Alicia Turner


Alicia’s love affair with horses began when she was a toddler, but her passion for riding was sparked with the gift of a single lesson for her tenth birthday. A monumental shift occurred in her life the moment she sat on a shaggy Shetland pony named Rebecca and felt the world move beneath her on legs that weren’t her own; one lesson turned into hundreds, and she has since logged thousands of hours in the saddle. Alicia competed in the hunters through her freshman year at Virginia Tech. After obtaining her B.S. in Biology from VT, she married an active duty Army officer and moved to Germany. It was there, under the tutelage of two wonderful dressage instructors, she began to feel that she was learning to really ride and positively affect the horse for the first time.


Upon their return to the States, Alicia sought out working student positions to further her knowledge and experience. At Glamorgan Manor in Doswell, VA, she learned about the care and management of breeding stallions, broodmares, and foals, and had the opportunity to start several young horses, most of which she helped raise from foals. In 2008, her husband surprised her with a horse of her own for the first time since she was a teenager, an 18-month-old Oldenburg filly named Rubinesque (Ruby). She has enjoyed every step of the process of bringing Ruby along and credits Autumn’s vast experience, intuition, and exceptional understanding of each horse as an individual to the progress she and Ruby have made since joining the Scattered Acres family in March of 2016.


Alicia is a lifelong student of the art of horsemanship. In addition to the incredible instruction she has received from Autumn at Scattered Acres, she has had the privilege of working with Torrance Watkins, Jimmy Wofford, and Michael Poulin (for whom she was also a working student). She dreams of one day competing internationally but wholeheartedly embraces the notion that riding is about the journey, not the destination. She loves sharing her passion for horses with others and considers teaching as an opportunity to pay tribute to the great instruction she has had over the years. As a rider, she aims to make every horse she sits on better in some small way; as an instructor, she hopes to give riders the tools they need to form a harmonious relationship with their mount, and, most importantly, to make riding fun!


In addition to her equestrian pursuits Alicia is an EMT and an RYT-200 Yoga instructor. Around the farm you are equally likely to find her cleaning a stall, sitting in the grass with any number of the barn cats and dogs, or throwing a ball for her 11-year old Vizsla, Laszlo.

Working Students

Scattered Acres employs several working students that provide much needed assistance to Lisa.  While some may look at cleaning stalls of manure, picking 30+ horses' feet, and sweeping an endless wave of dirt and dust from the barn as hard labor, our barn workers see it as a labor of love.  The riders have our working students and assisting barn workers to thank for Scattered Acres' high level of cleanliness.  It only takes a trip to another barn to understand how good we parents and riders have it at Scattered Acres.


Kaceylin Belush


Kaceylin's love for horses began when she was three years old. However, she did not involve herself in equestrian activities consistently until she was ten. Shortly after her involvement in the sport she was given an old ranch horse that she trained to show in the hunter/jumper ring. She fell in love with the discipline of riding, which motivated her to be more involved with local riding clubs. Kaceylin began to notice how riders improved from one event to the next as she volunteered at competitions the riding club hosted. Observing this sparked her interest in different training techniques and styles. Eventually she put her own training style into practice when she worked at a non-profit horse camp for inner-city children. Shortly after she worked at the camp she was involved with the Houghton College equestrian program in order to further her knowledge.


Kaceylin's goal is to work as a professional in the horse industry. She is very successfully employed as a full-time Apprentice at Scattered Acres to further her knowledge in riding and training in order to help her reach that goal.