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Scattered Acres Sport Horses

Scattered Acres Horses and Ponies

This page is dedicated to the horses and ponies of Scattered Acres and their owners. There are more to come. As pictures get submitted, more horses and their riders will be on display.

Lisa Hannan started working for Scattered Acres way back in 2005.  Shortly afterwards, Lisa began taking lessons on her own horses.  Lisa lacked great instruction in her early years of riding, proving that she could stay on pretty much anything, but not much more.  Once she started riding under Autumn, Lisa went on to find her first eventing partner: a 4 year old Hanoverian X Thoroughbred.  With Autumn’s guidance and patience, they went on to compete at the Beginner Novice level in 2011.  They finished the year placing 9th at area 2 championships and finishing in 2nd place on the USEA Beginner Novice leader board.


When it was time for Lisa to search for her next horse, it was Autumn that found the perfect match for her: a 14 year-old Irish sport horse mare named Salire.  The two of them moved up to the novice level and started winning awards left and right:


• 2012 novice adult amateur rider of the year and novice adult rider of the year

• 1st place at the Waredaca Novice 3-day 2012

• 1st place at  the Waredaca Novice 3-day 2015

• 4th place adult novice rider of the year 2015

• 6th place adult amateur rider of the year 2015

• Numerous top-place finishings at recognized horse trials


Even after this great run, the time had come to find Lisa a horse that could take her up the levels. With Autumn's assistance and knowledge of horses, Autumn again found Lisa the perfect match in 2014: an off the track Thoroughbred named Brew.  Lisa moved up to the training level where she and Autumn worked around the clock to improve on both of their skills.  In 2015, Lisa and Brew won the Charles Owen Technical Merit Award.  With Autumn's support and "yes you can" attitude, Lisa and Brew decided to make the big jump to Prelim!  Lisa and Brew finished 12th at the American Eventing Championships at training level in 2016.  They look forward to their bright future continuing their training with Autumn and maybe even doing a CIC.


Kristen Blersch began riding at Scattered Acres in April 2012 on Autumn’s lesson horses.  Shortly thereafter, Autumn helped Kristen and her family find a horse of her own, and in October 2012, Aurora was purchased.  Aurora was a fairly green, 6-year old 15h APHA mare, but with Autumn’s instruction, is now capable of competing at Training level.  Kristen and Aurora began recognized shows in 2014, starting off with a 2nd place Junior Beginner Novice showing at Loch Moy in July 2014.  They have competed at Area II Championships at both Junior Beginner Novice and Novice levels, and at AECs this past September at the Junior Novice level.  Kristen and Aurora are now competing at Training level, and will continue to do so through the 2017 season, until Kristen and Aurora head off to college together.

Allyssa Schnitzer started riding at Scattered Acres in Sept, 2013 on lesson horses.  Cricket came along in Jan, 2014 after Autumn made the statement that Allyssa would advance more if she had her own horse.  While the two have been practically inseparable, the training road has been long and very hard.  But with hard work and some luck come rewards and Allyssa and Cricket began placing in recognized events during the 2016 competition season at the Beginner Novice Level.  They are training hard and looking forward to the 2017 season.

Sophie-Ann Stremple began riding at Scattered Acres in Sept, 2016 with her OTTB Amber Coast, at beginner novice level. When the Stremple family purchased Amber, he need a lot of TLC, and was brand new to eventing. They came ready for new experiences and to be the best they can be. Now they can't wait to show in  2017 what they have learned so far, and hope to move to Novice level by the end of the year.

Sonja and Gustav.

Kathleen Kenney and Azul.