Scattered Acres Sport Horses

Competition Team

Students who own or lease horses are invited to join the Scattered Acres Competition Team. Autumn Rae coaches students in competition, as available, in-between competing horses she has in training. Autumn works with SA Competition Team members in regular lessons not only to teach them to ride their horses with upper-level skill, but to help them become serious competitors and athletes. Students and horses alike have achieved high honors and much success under her coaching. The team is a highly supportive and fun group who (with the help of family and friends) tend to school and condition together as they prepare for competition and then groom, cheer, celebrate and/or commiserate together on the day of the event.

Students compete and are coached at:

  • Recognized and unrecognized USEA Horse Trials and 3-Day Events
  • Combined Tests
  • Dressage Shows
  • Hunter paces and jumper shows


Lisa Hannan