Scattered Acres Sport Horses


For those riders looking to purchase a horse, Autumn Rae offers consulting services to guide the potential buyer through the evaluation of candidates in order to find the perfect match.  Services include:

  • Identification of desired horse’s abilities and temperament
  • Identification of future goals (pleasure, jumper, hunter, eventing, etc)
  • Web-based, pre-screening of potential candidates
  • Coordination of visits and test rides
  • Negotiation of price with seller
  • Transportation of horse back to Scattered Acres or other boarding facility


For more information on Scattered Acres consulting services, please contact Autumn by email.

Some recent customers share their purchase experiences below.

Autumn has shepherded me through the purchase of 2 horses. Her horse sense and extensive knowledge was invaluable in both of those purchases. Autumn’s common sense approach to horse training fuses many well known methods together. She has the knowledge to devise a training plan that works for each specific animal and rider. Her uncanny knack for knowing what makes a specific horse tick coupled with her vast background of knowledge regarding horse husbandry makes her a very talented trainer.

Mary Fox

“My daughter rode for a year on Autumn’s lesson horses making significant progress and having a great time.  However, it wasn’t until Autumn came up to me and said, “She’s made great progress but would do better on her own horse,” that I realized how deeply I was committed to her riding.  That night I tossed out the idea of a new kitchen for my wife and started looking for competition horses.  I asked Autumn to help us with the search and put her under contract. Autumn’s mentoring during the search and subsequent purchase was invaluable as we looked at 5 horses that on the surface looked great, but simply didn’t have the right skill set, temperament or overall good health that my daughter needed to compete in eventing. Nevertheless, within 3 months and many visits to other stables in the dead of winter, my daughter is now the proud owner of her own eventing mare, Cricket. Autumn accompanied us to the purchase and her barn manager Lisa drove us all home with Cricket in the trailer.   Without Autumn’s assistance, I probably would have ended up with a donkey.”

Sabre Schnitzer, January 2015

Shopping for a horse is different than picking out a pet. Factors like the horse’s temperament, the comparability between the horse and rider, and the potential to grow with the rider are important to consider.  So too are the skill level of the rider and their goals for competing. Having our horse trainer Autumn Rae’s advice through every step of the process was valuable and alleviated much stress.

It’s easy to like every horse you meet and Autumn matter-of-factly ruled out many horses who were beautiful but not right for our daughter. In each case she articulated the reasons so that both our equestrian daughter and her horse-illiterate benefactor parents could understand.

Investing in a horse is a major financial decision but can really improve your experience and level of horsemanship.  Autumn can help ensure that you buy a horse who works for your present skill level but will also help you get to the next level.

Kelly Bingel, January 2017

Autumn has guided me through the purchase of 2 horses.  Both are outstanding horses for me.  Autumns true gift of knowing what to look for and how to deal with “crazy” horse people is outstanding.  She knew just what I was looking for and accompanied me on countless hours of horse shopping.  She was very dedicated to finding my perfect match.  I have also had the pleasure of joining her in finding horses for other clients and it amazes me every time how she just knows when the right horse clicks with a client.

Lisa Hannan, January 2017

“I quit riding 30 years ago. Autumn is the reason I started riding again. Period. She gave me the confidence to take up a sport I loved as a child and lost along the way of hectic work schedules and raising a family. She made me realize I was not too old to begin again. Riding again with Autumn’s gentle tutoring has brought me enormous joy and peace – so much so that Autumn is now doing a fantastic job finding me a horse to buy!  She is meticulously combing the market to find a perfect match for me. I truly can’t believe it – me owning a horse again at my age.

Terese Colling


“Within 2 years I was ready for my own horse and with Autumn’s astute guidance, I avoided many horse purchasing mistakes and found my match, Joey, a young Ex racehorse.”

Rachel Strein