Scattered Acres Sport Horses

Using the Calendar

Some Scattered Acres customers have had problems utilizing the Scattered Acres Calendar.  This page is designed to explain the multiple ways that the calendar can be used by students and parents to plan their training activities at the farm.

 The Scattered Acres Calendars are hosted within the Google cloud that has view privileges to all uses.  The Scattered Acres website pulls a copy of these calendars and presents them inside the website as shown below.  However, this is not the only view available for clients.  The paragraphs below detail the different access methods.

Access Method #1 – Through the Scattered Acres Website – Easiest method

The easiest method to access the Scattered Acres Calendars is through the Scattered Acres website.  When using the website, there are two methods to access the calendar.

On the Welcome page, there are three squares beneath the “Click on any image to enter.”  The square on the left is a shortcut to the Scattered Acres Lesson Calendar.  The middle square is a shortcut to the Scattered Acres Makeup Lesson Calendar.  The square on the right is a shortcut to the Scattered Acres Competition Calendar.

Additionally, on the main page, you can utilize the navigation menu under the Intro menu item and select either the Lesson, Makeup Lesson or Competition Calendar.  Please be aware that the Intro menu item has multiple functions.  Clicking on the Intro text, the user will be taken back to the Welcome page while hovering over the grey space around the Into text will display the sub-menu with the Calendar options.

Access Method #2 – Through the Google Calendar App – Recommended method.

Using an Android or iPhone, download and install the Google Calendar App.  Once the app is installed, login with your Google Account.  Once logged in, if you have received an invitation link from Scattered Acres, such as the example below, you will be able to add the Scattered Acres Calendar to your Google Profile.  Once the Scattered Acres Calendars are added to your Google profile, when using the Google Calendar app, the Scattered Acres Calendars will become an available option. This method offers the best access method. 

Example Email from Google Calendar:


       We are writing to let you know that has given you access to view events on the Google Calendar called “Scattered Acres Makeup Lesson Calendar”.  We have automatically added this calendar to your Google Calendar account. You can hide or completely remove this calendar at any time.

       – The Google Calendar Team

          View Your Calendar.

Technical Support

If anyone has any problems using the Scattered Acres Calendar, you can follow either of the below courses of action:

  1. You can call or text Lisa and ask if all of the horses are ok.
  2. You can find me (Sabre) any day I am the farm (5 days out of 7) or contact me at and I will provide you assistance.


With respect to the years I have spent trying to get Autumn off of an abacus and stone tablets and into the modern age with on-line calendars, I highly recommend that all riders and parents use the Scattered Acres Calendar to ensure that Autumn doesn’t have a relapse back to pen and paper.