Scattered Acres Sport Horses

Using the Menu

Some Scattered Acres website users have had problems utilizing the navigation menu.  This page is designed to explain how the menu works.  The top level pages are all listed by default on all pages.  Those top level pages are Intro, Home, Facility, Horses, Services, Competition, Employment and Testimonials.  Each of these pages have important content.

These top level pages, when hovered over with a mouse, will display the sub pages below them.  To navigate to a top level page, simply click on that top level page.  Each menu item within the menu has content and visitors are encouraged to view all pages.

The top level pages contain the most relevant information on the Scattered Acres site.  To navigate to a top level page, click on the appropriate top level page name.  The top level pages are shown on each page within the Scattered Acres website.

When a top level page is hovered over, any subordinate pages will be displayed indicating more granular content is available.  This is demonstrated via the image to the left.  When the Services menu is hovered over, for example, the subordinate menu list is shown.  When the Lessons menu is hovered over the subordinate lessons menu is displayed.

Either the top level page or the subordinate page can be selected.

The image to the left demonstrates how a top level page can be accessed.

If users are still having problems navigating this website after reading the instructions above, please contact Autumn at the email address in the footer.